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CarBook9JA subscription packages.

The Bronze package is ideal for sole traders and professionals who are skilled in not more than 5 work experience.

Our Silver package is perfect for those in work experience of up to 9 skilled categories. Silver package is available to car dealers and every tradesman.

Our Gold package allows your listing / ad appear as a featured Business Post which appears more often and at the top of our search results. We may select from our featured Business Posts randomly to run on social media paid Ads. This is the only package that you can upload your videos on your Business Post.

Finally, we have a free subscription plan which is valid for 180 days. This lets you add up to 2 work experience for free. For example, if you work as a painter and also can work as a mobile mechanic, you will be able to select the 2 work experience on the “add business post” form. Unfortunately, you may have to upgrade to other 3 subscription plans if your business is in more than 2 work experience. We suggest you select your best work experience if you have more than 2 work experience and you want to select the free subscription package.

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